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GPU usageof fb2k... wait, what?!

i'm using foobar and it's media library, music is stored in a network folder
after computer is waking up from S3 foobar is checking media library, maybe reindexing music i dunno, but it is loading CPU for nearly 20% for some time, about 5-10 minutes
after last update task manager in windows 10 have column "GPU" and i really wonder that foobar using GPU too, about 20%, but why?!
it is not a problem, just interesting, what it does with GPU

CPU phenom 925, GPU radeon 7970
version of foobar 1.3.16
screenshot with installed plugins:

Re: GPU usageof fb2k... wait, what?!

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I can't increase GPU usage above 0% here.

Re: GPU usageof fb2k... wait, what?!

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screenshot of taskman

Графическ... - GPU
it isn't maximum, peak is 43%
music is not playing at the moment
it lasted about 4 minutes for now, sometimes 6-7 minutes

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