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Playback Error

Hi everyone,

For some months now, I've been transferring my music & M3U8 playlists from my PC to a few android phones.
Of course, before doing so, I'd run a script that changes the playlist absolute paths to relative paths.

For a reason I can't understand, this trick is not working anymore, I keep getting playback errors saying my files are not descendants of my playlist folder, which has never been the case.

I can't figure out the cause and resolution.
I thought it could be a weird android or Samsung update.
I could imagine putting my SD card absolute path could work, but since I'm transferring to multiple devices, that would be a mess (doable through scripting, but dirty).

Thanks !

Re: Playback Error

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The descendent requirement is probably because it's requesting filesystem access for the folder the playlist lives in.

Re: Playback Error

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Thank you, will figure out how we give filesystem access in Android, test and revert back.