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FLAC seeking not working via FTP

I'm on 1.3.0 build #719 (Android).
Seeking in FLAC files works when they're stored on the phone, but not when they're supplied via FTP.
Seeking in MP3 files works both locally and via FTP.

Is that a bug in the app?
Or was this probably caused by the latest libFLAC 1.3.4 update?

Re: FLAC seeking not working via FTP

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Just tried the VLC app and created a FTP connection.
Seeking in FLACs works there, so it seems like some bug in foobar2000.

Re: FLAC seeking not working via FTP

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I just observed a difference:
  • accessing a FLAC file from the FTP source after scanning via the Album browser: seeking bar is displayed, but displays "unsupported format or corrupted file" once used
  • accessing a FLAC file via Foobars FTP browser: seeking bar isn't offered at all

Re: FLAC seeking not working via FTP

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Would also like to have this feature for foobar2000 working.