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Foobar locks up folders upon exit

I have a CD image encoded as an .ape file, and I drag the .cue sheet to the foobar2000 playlist so I can split the .ape file into individual tracks. No problem here. Let's say all these files are in the directory "C:\foo". Now I exit out of foobar2000 and I move all contents of "C:\foo" somewhere else on my C: drive. Still no problems. But now when I try to delete the now empty "C:\foo", Windows Vista tells me that I don't have permission.

Searching elsewhere on the internets gives me useless trivialities such as "set the ownership" or "open explorer in administrative mode" or "make sure the folder is not read-only".

This problem goes away when I restart my computer, but it would be nice not to have to do this every time I convert some files in foobar2000. Can someone tell me what's going on? I apologize in advance for my ignorance


Foobar locks up folders upon exit

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You could try if this helps.

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