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Vinyl / Re: SweetVinyl SugarCube SC-1
Last post by cliveb -
SweetVinyl SugarCube SC-1
“a designed to digitally remove pops and clicks from any record in real-time. playing older records like they’re brand new”
Since it operates in realtime, there is no way the algorithm(s) applied can be as sophisticated as those available in a host of other non-realtime restoration products. (Well, not unless SweetVinyl have discovered some extraordinary approach that has eluded dozens of other restoration engineers over the last couple of decades).

In any case, it admits to working in the digital domain, so that'll put off the hardened vinylphiles.
General Audio / Re: Playlist output format incompatible with Spotify playlist converter
Last post by j7n -
Another way of producing a playlist from Foobar itself is with the Text Tools component. You can also generate lists in a different format if you need. Save multiple presets for different uses. The function is called from context menu - Utilities.

Code: [Select]
$ifequal(%list_index%,1,#EXTM3U$crlf(),)#EXTINF:$if2(%_length_seconds%,0):[%artist% - ][%title%]$crlf()%path%

Limitations: Playlist always contains full path, header is only added if copying from the first track in the foobar window.
General Audio / Re: Is it all bull**** now?
Last post by ajinfla -
I think you have to go pretty far down the scale nowadays to find a truly badly misdesigned driver product--do you agree? 
Yes. Or hear something amiss with the unconventional stuff like the MBL, that might suggest non-linearities.
The question of how they addressed non-linear distortion with their radial drivers would be an ask MBL engineer question, not a audiophile dealer.

Are your speaker designs not conventional ported?
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