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feature requests: delete file & save position

I've been using Foobar2000 on my iphone since a couple of months and hope this is the right place to ask for 2 feature requests:

-It would be wonderful to have a "delete track" function.
With +30GB of music on my iPhone, I like to delete tracks right after listening to them.

-I also noticed that when the app is cloded, the position of the track I was playing is not saved after restarting.
This gets me scrolling through hour long audiobook tracks to find where I stopped listening last time.

(admin feel free to move this topic if there's a better place for it)

Re: feature requests: delete file & save position

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I'd also love to have delete feature. It's essential.

Re: feature requests: delete file & save position

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iTunes has a delete feature. Maybe some other players have this too?