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File path for library items in Android version

Short version of question-

on android, if I drill down into 'Album Artist/Album > Audioslave > Live in Cuba >'  I can see a list of tracks, and Foobar knows where each track lives, but afaict, I can't see the file path for an individual track.

I have a few dulplicate files in my archive, and hunting them down is simply slow and painful, especially given that the data is stored somewhere by Foobar.

If it's not available in the app, that's ok- I can use ADB to grab, say, the DB or wherever the library info is stored and dig through it myself and keep a local copy of it for the next time I end up with a dupe.

Thanks in advance for any help


Re: File path for library items in Android version

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If you play a file for a second the filepath apperars in the menu Console.
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