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Topic: [Feature request/Possible bug] Song search doesn't include file names on android (Read 266 times) previous topic - next topic
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[Feature request/Possible bug] Song search doesn't include file names on android

Hello everyone I wanted to ask a question, recently i started using foobar2000 mobile for android as it's a very simple audio player but there's this issue bugging me: I can't seem to search songs by file name, it only to includes results like title and author from metadata.
This seems rather odd given that the pc version does both, searching on the internet i could only find an old reddit post mentioning this with no answers.
Is this behavior intended ? In that case i'd like to request an option to include file name in the search results (assuming this is the right place for asking).

Re: [Feature request/Possible bug] Song search doesn't include file names on android

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Cześć. To ja ponowię pytanie choć to forum jest martwe...
Jak zrobić by foobar na androidzie wyszukiwał muzykę po nazwie pliku?

Mam plik z nazwą, ale w tagach nic nie jest zapisane. Podczas odtwarzania foobar widzi i podaje nazwę pliku, ale w wyszukiwarce już tego pliku nie widzi. Jak dodam do niego tag, to już jest ok, ale nie będę tak przecież robił z każdym plikiem...

Jest taka opcja? AIMP wyszukuje bez problemu. :/

[TOS #10: All posts must be in English, or at least accompany English translations, for the benefit of most users. Letting you off with a warning this time, I'll provide a Deepl translation for anyone else who might benefit, including myself, while I do know Peter should be able to read the original as-is, but I think he prefers English anyway? Not sure.]

[ translation follows:]

Hi. I'll repeat my question, although this forum is dead...
How to make foobar on android search for music by file name?

I have a file with a name, but nothing is stored in the tags. During playback, foobar sees and gives me the file name, but it doesn't see the file in the search engine. If I add a tag to the file, it's ok, but I won't do this with every file...

Is there such an option? AIMP searches without any problems. :/