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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by razielanarki -
so i've checked, these activecx controls should-be in wine by default.

( windows scriptintg: , xmlhttp & htmlfile : / .. 6, adodb: )

so they shoud be under the wineroot's system32.

i'm thinking that maybe the activex compoments were not registered , you you coule try manually regitistering?

basically it's like a:
> cd windows/system32  (for b32bits w 32bits foobar, or windows/sysWOW64 (if wine has it) for 64bits)
> regsvr32 filename.dll

or maybe loading the into the fb process  process with ui_hacks.? (i think that whats this "portability" thing is for at least)


also: some googling reveleaded this, so could be disabled on wine (win too)

++ eeither way ++ if you could capture the fb2k console log, or some other logfile, that would be of great help.

General Audio / New music library on windows mini pc. Which music App? Can I use foobar2000?
Last post by pbarjon001 -
Looking into starting a new music library on a windows mini pc. Need the following functionality and hopping somebody could guide me on which music application to use:

1. Main library consist of hi-res loosless flac files on mini pc. Mini pc hooked up to Reciever via hdmi

2. Need to control mini pc app with my Android phone and have the sound ouput to the receiver

3. Need to sync between the mini pc and my android phone so that I can play the music directly from my phone when I am away

4. (Optional) need to play music hosted on the mini pc with my phone, i.e some sort of client/server arrangement.

Thanks in advance
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by TT -
Drag and drop bug for all themes using TheQwertiest playlist script e.g CatRox/Georgia/Georgia-ReBORN etc...
( Drag and drop works in the window if you use Files -> Add files/folder ).

Wine bug reported here.


WilB's library and biography script bugs:

Library options menu and Library right click search context menu crashes foobar.

Biography does not download and save ( to HDD ) artist images ( and allmusic ) and
Biography options plus Biography right click context menu crashes foobar.


WilB's comment:

Regarding saving images, as noted above, the first part of the process is to call windows cscript that's run through ActiveXObject('WScript.Shell').
This in turn calls an external .vbs file that streams and saves the images. To do this, the .vbs file uses a number of further objects:

Code: [Select]



I guess as these are in an external file they're normally run by windows & may be independent of SMP.

I think it would need someone with coding skills running Linux (which I don't have & so can't test anything) to debug exactly where it's failing and to see if it's possible to work around it.
Otherwise SMP may need to be updated with new methods.

Right-click error is due to: doc.parentWindow.clipboardData.getData, where doc is ActiveXObject('htmlfile').
So the error seems to be due to some issue with that ActiveXObject method in Linux .
It's used to paste from clipboard. So another way of accessing the clipboard may be needed, or comment out usage.

Options uses the SMP ShowHtmlDialog. ShowHtmlDialog v2 is in SMP current tasks and plans.