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Converter with Winamp input support?

I'm trying to find an audio converter program I once had which I remember supporting winamp input plugins.
I might have uninstalled it or maybe a newer version dropped support for this.
Does anyone know what program this was, or what older version had this functionality? I can't seem to locate this again.

Re: Converter with Winamp input support?

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The XMplay player ( used to support winamp plugins and had a converter option. Not sure if that's what you were using.

I currently don't know about any converter application using winamp plugins, but I'd look if the format that you want is supported by foobar2000, since that supports many formats and also has a converter.

Re: Converter with Winamp input support?

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Oh, yes, I use foobar as my main and really sole player, and also as a tool to manage, covert, etc.
It's just that sometimes there are unique and abandoned functionalities and odd formats only really supported through a winamp plugin, or stand alone specific players without much or anything in terms of built-in conversion.
I just something nice to have handy when you "need" it.
I didn't really get to use that thing much when I had it, but I'm pretty sure it was a batch converter and not a player.

I do know about XMplay, but I don't think that was it. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it was something else.

Re: Converter with Winamp input support?

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OK, it's fre:ac but it seems it has to be the 32-bit version. That's the one that has a winamp adapter component in the "decoders" section. The 64bit version doesn't seem to have that.

Re: Converter with Winamp input support?

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That's to be expected, because applications cannot use a dll which is not of the same bitness.

Some applications have workarounds, but they are not trivial (basically, it means having an additional application of the correct bitness that runs hidden and which communicates the information back an forth to the one showing the controls to you)


Re: Converter with Winamp input support?

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I was convinced that it had to be fre:ac, but, having a 64bit version of it now, when I scoured the whole config dialog and didn't find anything related to Winamp, I got confused and started wondering whether it might have been some other program.

In any case, it is solved now, so that's good.

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