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Flac 1.02 BeOS

Start. I'm using flac 1.02 for the BeOS architecture. This is going well. From packet data +50% data that can be pressed. But the exact number that I got from Lossless Comparison was around 52%.

Re: Flac 1.02 BeOS

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There is no exact number in compression. If you make a zip file containing a text document, compression will be much more than when you make a zip containing a JPEG picture.

Likewise, if you make a FLAC containing only silence, the compression will be much greater than when you make a FLAC containing music. If you make a FLAC containing pure noise, you won't get any compression at all.

The 52% mentioned there is an average on a certain corpus of music, and is only useful for comparing with other codecs on the same corpus. There is no absolute there.
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Re: Flac 1.02 BeOS

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I respond in this regard. flac as a lossless file. contain data (single file) , flac.