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The MoFi digital mastering "scandal"

Today I learned that there is a "scandal" about the way MoFi is remastering old albums, the analog audiophile scene thought they would use completely analog equipment when in reality they are using digital equipment for at least some parts of the process.

Honestly, the most shocking thing about it was, that people thought they use completely analog equipment. My thought was, that would have make the vinyl records much more expensive to produce than with digital remastering.

But anyway, I guess most people on this forum, probably use vinyl records because they like it or they like the haptic or have old records for which they can't be bothered to buy it again on any other format. But I wonder what you think.

Should have MoFi be more transparent about how they product was made? Because this is what this mostly about I guess.

Re: The MoFi digital mastering "scandal"

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That is their reaction to the outcry of some analog audiophiles, the question is, should they have done this before. Like with early CD releases which had those AAA to DDD labels.