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Foobar 1.4.5 "not responding" after quitting

Dump uploaded per:
Reply #1 – 2019-06-07 09:33:51
I don't see any unwanted dlls and since it happens with a clean install the regular thread list won't be enough to debug this.
Can you provide a memory dump of the frozen process so Peter can take a look?

I have traced the problem specifically to component foo_upnp
I get the same "not responding" behavior when I attempt to stop the renderer or server 
I have foobar2000 1.4.5 and foo_upnp 0.99.49

Re: Foobar 1.4.5 "not responding" after quitting

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I can confirm that it is foo_upnp. Sadly the component appears to be abandoned, there's not much that can be done about this.

Re: Foobar 1.4.5 "not responding" after quitting

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There's gotta be another factor at play here.

I have the same versions FB2k/foo_unpnp and can start/stop both server and renderer without the 'not responding' problem.
I do however run Foobar2000 in portable mode.

Windows10 Pro 1809 build 17763.557

Re: Foobar 1.4.5 "not responding" after quitting

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It also depends on which UPnP devices exist on your local network.


Re: Foobar 1.4.5 "not responding" after quitting

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Thank you for the analysis and confirmation.

Question: If foo_upnp is abandoned, is there another way that Foobar2000 supports the remote UPNP server BubbleUPNP?

Re: Foobar 1.4.5 "not responding" after quitting

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I solved my problem. It was that the UPnP component has a "Media Renderer" service that took a very long time to shutdown.
I opened Preferences : Tools : UPn: : Server : Basic settings
Clicked "Stop server" for Media Renderer
Went and had a cup of coffee.
Eventually, the media renderer server stopped. After that, leaving it stopped, I have no problem exiting from foobar2000.

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