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General Audio / Re: Why wasn't there ever a VHS based consumer audio format?
Last post by polemon -
The only "out of the ordinary" tapes I've seen where very expensive "ceramic casing type IV" tapes, but I suspect these were just BS. I guess these were the "gold HDMI cables" of their time :P
The highest quality tapes I've seen, were some programs for the C64, released on Datasette. Even though the C64 wasn't really breaking into offices and professional markets, there were some pro-sumer stuff available for it, both hardware and software. One of the programs I've seen was some sort of program for bookkeeping. The cassette was made incredibly sturdy, with parts of the case made of metal, and it had little felt flaps where the tape left the case. It was a Type IV / Metal tape, and had a running length of only 15min. It also had little guides for the tape, making sure the tape doesn't stick to the reels (called BASF Security Mechanism).

But cobalt, never heard of that one.
Yeah, hence me saying it's damn elusive. I've heard of it for the first time in Techmoan's and other retro-AV youtuber's videos, and I can't remember for the love of god if I've ever encountered them back in the day. To me, Metal / Type IV was always the highest quality, but there were also differences between manufacturers.
Audio Hardware / Re: Searching for a tube amp / compressor
Last post by oo131193oo -
ok just in case i wrote it not clear:  i already own the two jbl monitors...
And so a tube amp just can add warm sound and distortion ? Is there a hearable difference to VST ?
Seems like i better stay with my jbls and my behringer equalizer..
General - (fb2k) / Re: Can foobar can remain partially off screen when switching from Clone > Extended?
Last post by MaxDread -
Hi kode54

Thanks for the reply.  OK, so it is a Windows thing...  But I don't fully follow what you say in the second half of your reply.  Are you saying that an application can get passed the Windows behaviour by "saving" where the windows are on the screen as a configuration (or possibly two separate configurations; one for cloned and one for extended)?  Or have I totally misunderstood?  If I am right, is something like this available in foobar, or perhaps via an additional component?   

If none of that's a goer, can anyone think of another way around it?  I've been look at some freeware apps that manage dual/multi screens.  Things like Dual Monitor Tools and MurGeeMon.  Can't quite get to grips with them yet, and I think they do A LOT of stuff which I wouldn't need.  But what might help is if you can have window layout configurations with a hotkey shortcut assigned.  At least then when I switch between cloned and extended I can just hit the relevant hotkey to have all my windows magically jump back to where I want them.  Not sure if that's possible though... 

If anyone knows anything about any of this - please chime in! 

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Search issue in 1.4b11 or am I missing something?
Last post by EpicForever -
Aaaand? Does that asymmetric search disregard "all-caps" strings? I remember it was all about diacritic characters (in Polish: ą, ę, ś, ć, ń, ż, ź, ó, ł). And as far as I remember it was supposed to work like this:
- non diacritic search gives both non diacritic and diacritic results;
- diacritic search gives only diacritic results

Looks you edited your post with link. Seems we have tertiary model, while secondary could be better...
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