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Track_info config

Wait for mine work in progress... to the appropriate thread

Track_info config

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Sorry but your thread is ancient (2004) and we do not see very well images with all the posts at the bottom of the thread, it's not only easy to read but also to find out a post, so I decide to put mine here    ; if there is any pb, put my post at the end of the ancient thread. Thank you in advance

Track_info config

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Ancient??? The recent post is barely 1 month old.

Anyways, why not use the foobar looks thread? Like this one for instance (for 0.9.x). There's another one for 0.8.3 but I don't know where.

Track_info config

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Well i had forgotten this one because i lost myself in hydrogenaudio, it seems to me that a new thread in the uploads section is more simple, people can upload their own track_info configs in showing the appearence result            ...    i already tell that anyone can put mine in the appropriated section. 

foo_uie_trackinfo, now-playing/selected-item panel : foo_uie_trackinfo


Track Info Panel with ability to change font, Split from foo_uie_trackinfo : Track Info Panel

or yours pepoluan

foobar2000 v0.9 appearance, a fresh start with the new 0.9 :  foobar2000 v0.9 appearance

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