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Seekbar and Volumebar Configs

I hope some people will post their seekbars because I am no longer happy with mine:
Code: [Select]



Is it possible to use some images with overlays?

Seekbar and Volumebar Configs

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Code: [Select]
$puts(col1,[...]) better bright
$puts(col2,[...]) better medium
$puts(col3,[...]) better dark




$panel(SeekPanel,Seek Panel,10,$sub($get(progressY),1),$get(progressL),7,)


Seekbar and Volumebar Configs

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does anyone know how the code above me would look like?

was wondering how can I get three images to work.

-the start = "["
- the middle which progresses = "."
- the end of the progression bar = "]"

so as it goes along it'll be "[.....]"

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