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Taskbar Star Rating Viewer

These forums helped me solve my problem, so I'm sharing the solution, rather than just continuing to lurk. Hello!

The problem I had was that I was switching over to foobar from WMP, which doesn't store its ratings info in a tag  - So I had to decide how much I liked 7000 different songs again. To make this less painful I wanted to have it so I could both view and alter the rating of the playing song, without having to go into foobar. So...

I made a little widget for the taskbar using Samurize, and it does the job really well. Clicking on the relevant star will change the rating in foobar. Also all the stars go red when there's no rating set. It took me ages to figure this out, so I'm posting it here in case anyone else finds it useful too. I will post the Samurize configuration file and an explanation if anyone is interested.

Ps- I know some people have 'mood' tags, I guess you could make a configuration to display and change those too.

Taskbar Star Rating Viewer

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I will post the Samurize configuration file and an explanation if anyone is interested.
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Post it! 

Taskbar Star Rating Viewer

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Here's the link:
Samurize Config

The box you click for each star links to foobar.exe with a command line like this:
/command:"Playlist/Highlight playing item" /playlist_command:"Quick Tag/Star2"

Each Star1, Star2, and so on should correspond to a Quick Tag setting which changes the %rating% tag to the correct number.

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