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I just whipped up a wrapper for SNESAPU.dll for SPC decoding.  It's only a source build at the moment as it's feature-incomplete (no tag writing, only reads text {not binary, id3 or x1d666} id666 tags), untested as far as 24/32-bit output goes and seeking in slow 'accurate' mode sometimes creates static.

If anyone's brave, here it is.  I'm a bit tired of working on it, and fb2k's internals are a little daunting to me without a simple reference input plugin to poke around with.


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I compiled it up and it does a decent job of playing SPC files.  Unfortunately, SNESAPU uses a bunch of static variables and gets extremely confused if you make it play back more than one audio stream at a time, so trying to ReplayGain scan one SPC file while playing back another results in a bunch of noise.  This is probably why nobody's made a plugin with SNESAPU before.


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Hm the only way around that would be copying snesapu.dll to a new file name depending on how many instances there are (%TEMP%\sneapu123.dll) and load it dynamically, but that would be the ugliest hack of my career.

I suppose this plugin is only good for people who really desire something other than 32000 Hz rendering with gaussian interpolation.  It is quite a bit faster than players based on libopenspc though.

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