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Experiments with signal extrapolation

SRC Resampler component has an interesting feature: "signal extrapolation to help with gapless track transitions when converting individual tracks", and it really helps in some cases. So I decided to add it to some other plugins.

All plugins were compiled with SDK 2018-03-06. they will work in foobar2000 1.3 or 1.4. They require x86 MSVC redistributable; foobar2000 1.4 already includes it, users of foobar2000 1.3 need to download it (e.g. here).

Re: Experiments with signal extrapolation

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Thank you very much! I was looking for an updated version of your Deemphasis DSP plugin, so this recent Beta release is just perfect for me.

Re: Experiments with signal extrapolation

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All these plugins are now obsolete. New versions of them were posted in their own threads.

Re: Experiments with signal extrapolation

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Where I can get bs2b mod non beta? Thanks

Sorry, I found it. I didn't check subforum before.

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