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WavPack encoder in Haxe + Flash recording demo

Peter McQuillan has written a WavPack encoder in Haxe and created a very cool flash recording demo for it that captures audio from your PC’s microphone and encodes it realtime into WavPack lossy (although the encoder will do lossless also). The sources for the whole project are available on github.

Also, he updated the Haxe decoder to version 1.3 with some performance tweaks (up to 20% faster on Flash) and updated the existing flash playback demo for that also. The source for that is available from the demo or on the WavPack downloads page.

Thanks for all your great work, Peter!

WavPack encoder in Haxe + Flash recording demo

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Thanks David!

Just as an additional note to this - one of the advantages with developing an implementation in Haxe is that you can also output a Javascript version of the code.
Right now there doesn't seem to be any Javascript API to allow access to the microphone, but apparently they will come at some stage. When they do, WavPack will be ready 

I've had a pure Javascript WavPack player now also for several months, so you can play WavPack files on your browser (without using Flash), but I'm not completely happy with it yet - nothing to do with the code, just browser support of web audio doesn't seem completely reliable yet.

As David mentions, this Flash encoder also encodes in realtime, if you look at any implementations of Flash encoding (not that there are too many), they generally record the data, then encode when recording has stopped - this demo version does it as you're recording.

WavPack encoder in Haxe + Flash recording demo

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Peter McQuillan has updated both the WavPack encoder and decoder that he created in Haxe to be compatible with Haxe v2.10 (he actually completed this several months ago, but I have been tardy posting it). One nice improvement is that you can now use the same Haxe sources to generate C# and Java!

Links to these new versions are on the WavPack downloads page. The Flash decoder demo is here and the encoder demo is here.

Thanks again for this, Peter, and my apologies for taking so long to get this up here. Happy New Year to you (and everyone on HA)! 


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