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wav cue file
Can I use CueTool to split wav Cue File? If possible, what are the working steps and if there is tutorial would be much better. Many thanks!

  • korth
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wav cue file
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You're asking about WAV (.wav) in the WavPack (.wv) forum?
CUETools can split a 16-bit, 44.1kHz .wav or lossless .wv image into individual tracks using the CUE file.

Leave advanced settings at default for now. (This may force ANSI filenames.)
For the GUI settings I suggest starting with:
  • Input: Folder browser
    • on the left, find & highlight the CUE (or the Image if it has an embedded CUE)
  • Output: Use template
  • Template: {select}
    • start with [%directoryname%\]new[%unique%]\%filename%.cue
    • This will create a new subfolder \new for the tracks
  • Action: Encode
    • leave the dropbox at default
  • Mode: Tracks
    • leave checkboxes alone for now
  • Audio Output: Lossless
    • Select WAV (wav) or WavPack (wv) from the top dropbox
click GO
One or more popup windows may appear. Make a choice or just click OK.
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