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Help explaining output of wvunpack.

Hello. I am a Linux user and am trying to use wvunpack to convert a bunch of .wv files to .wav. However, I decided to check them before using the -v flag; for example, I did wvunpack -v audio_file.wv. According to the man page, this flag is used to
verify source data only (no output file created);
as I understand it, it is an integrity check. The output for the aforementioned example is something like

Code: [Select]
verified audio_file.wv in 2.36 secs (lossless, 46.22%).

What I don't understand is what part in parenthesis means. Specifically, I don't know what the percentage means. If anyone could help me out I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you.

Help explaining output of wvunpack.

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Compression. It means that your WV file is 46.22% smaller than WAV.

Help explaining output of wvunpack.

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Have never used it, but as it is part of a compression format, it's likely related to compression level

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