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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Question mark for duration on alot of AAC files
Last post by SilverDeath -
You need to reload info for files after you switch to FFmpeg decoder. It will otherwise show cached info from the time length wasn't known. Also you don't need to have both upper case and lower case aac in the extension list. The match isn't case sensitive.

woot, thought restarting the player would be enough.
thank you very much, this works fine :)
yes, guessed that it wasnt case sensitive, however the doc didnt explicitly say its case insensitive, so i just put both in :P

however looks like ffmpeg gets wrong kbit/s rates, e.g. 246 when its 256 or 198 for 192.
no idea why this happens and the time is off by a few seconds cause of that - however seekbar works (except last few seconds) and total time is just off by a few seconds which is fine for me.
General Audio / Re: Is this bad digital mastering? ("Spoils of Failure" from Buried Inside)
Last post by k0lgrim -
If anyone stumbles over this thread, i got answers from the guys involved and it looks like there was some fuckup done with the mastered and mixed files during production.

Kurt and I have been talking and our belief is that the wav files that Relapse has at some point were converted to mp3 and back. We haven’t quite figured out how this may have happened but I certainly hope that it wasn’t done that way for the original CD and vinyl master.
General - (fb2k) / Re: If you're sick of unnecessary forced updates...
Last post by Peter -
Several times now I've been in the middle of doing other things and I attempt to pause or switch tracks (through the executable /pause switch (bound to a hotkey (linux...))) and instead I get the update warning, which means I have to drop everything I'm doing to deal with foobar2000 stuff.

Maybe it's better to disable update check if foobar2000 instance just sends a message to the main foobar2000?
Valid point, I'll get that changed ASAP, it must indeed be annoying as hell. Thanks for pointing it out.

[ Note that strictly speaking it's not an update check as it does not actually check anything else than the system time. ]

[[ EDIT ]]
If you pass /quiet in the command line, like this:
foobar2000.exe /quiet /play
... the expiration check will be suppressed. This works in current foobar2000 beta versions already.
The /quiet switch essentially prevents foobar2000 application from fully starting up or showing any UI and is meant to be combined with other switches.
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