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Effects plugins in Audacious

A few months ago, I made the switch from Windows to GNU/Linux (more specifically, Ubuntu), but I still ran foobar2000 under Wine. Just recently I have moved on to gNewSense, and decided to use Audacious instead.

I have the following Audacious-related packages installed (this is what comes up when I search for "audacious" in Synaptic):


The trouble is, the effects plugins won't do anything. The plugins under the other tabs work fine, but the ones under the Effects tab have no effect whatsoever. I'm thinking it's probably a setting somewhere that needs to be enabled, since none of them seem to work, but I've looked through all the settings several times and done a few Google searches to no avail.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Also, when I run Audacious as-is it works great, but if I install audacious-crossfade and then try to run it in the terminal, I get a segmentation fault. Anybody had this problem before/know of any ways around it?


Effects plugins in Audacious

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I had the same problem with plugins and once I went for help at their IRC channel, and I was called names for "bothering" them. The best advice I had was to "bug the plugin writer, and not us." Just my 2 cent.

But you could go there, the IRC channel...