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Lyrics Show 3

So, I've searched the web but couldn't find an answer...

What I want to achieve: I want the synched lyrics saved to a tag, and when I play that file I want the synched lyrics in the tag to be displayed. I don't care about online lyrics.

My problem: In the Lyric Show 3 tool, I've set "Tag Search" first in the search order, and the save method "Save to tag". When I edit the lyrics in the panel, and save.. they show up in the tag (checked it with a hex editor), but when I play that song again...nothing, it's empty again (although it's saved in the tag). I'm missing something stupid probably, but I can't get it to work...

Any and all help would be much appreciated

PS It's not a big deal, but why doesn't Lyric Show 3 use SYLT instead of putting it into the TXXX container?

Re: Lyrics Show 3

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- Tag search - Properties - read lyrics from these tags?
- Hex editor? What about file properties?


Re: Lyrics Show 3

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Ok, figured it out, it searches for artist/title.. I hadn't filled them in... It doesn't read the tag unless there is an artist/title specified (or any other criteria, cannot be blank)

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