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J Script Panel 3 - New Script for displaying rating' statistics

Hi there,
I developed for my own use a script for displaying, for the genre currently played, a bar graph showing how many 5 rating per year.
Please see the picture below :

What it does is use the current genre of the playing track (if no track is played then the script does nothing), scan the entire library for that same genre and organize the top rating (rating = 5) per year in a bar graph.
It can create a playlist for any bar of the graph and there are some customizations available for the graph.
If you have too many years (then the graph may be difficult to read), you can use a (variable) materiality threshold (expressed in a % of the highest top rating, below is not shown)
I'm using it everyday so i thought it may be usefull for some.
It may be a bit long for big library, mine is 45k tracks and it takes approx. 600ms to generate the graph.

Install note :
- Create a J Script Panel 3 (version 3.3.3 or higher)
- right click in the panel, choose configure
- copy/paste the content of the included txt file in the configuration panel.