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Support - (fb2k) / Re: NO benefits from using ASIO ?
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It does play normally.  It is in exclusive, and I selected event.  I can't verify it used that event mode, though.  So, either

1. fb2k does not check if event mode is supported according to the driver (the driver mis-reports), or
2. fb2k silently moves up to timer mode on a failure  (moves up because in my testing, performance is better in timer mode, c.2015)

I could check myself to see if event mode works here.  So, looking at the return, for the Xonar this returns an empty variant.  In my code, I consider that the same as not supporting it.  I looked in the .inf (search for *xonar*.inf in /windows/system32/DriverStore/FileRepoisitory/) and found no entry.

Here is a sample entry in hdaudio.inf that has it (no such entry in xonardx.inf, hence the empty variant returned from the API call to check if it's supported):

Code: [Select]

To wrap this up: I don't see why one would offer event mode when it doesn't indicate that it will work, especially since timer mode is the better mode, or at least no worse.  If you want to know why it could be "better", events have to come from the driver, so this means a kernel-to-user context switch (ring0 to ring3).  Timers are in the same context as the programs that use them, so no context switch.  All "pretty-sure", there.  As to how much impact that has, probably a bit more than the timing's margin-of-error, but in real life, not much.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Dual Playlist view?
Last post by Daeron -
If you download additional playlist viewer components they should work independently as I recall. At the very least you can pin one of them so it only shows the contents of one specific playlist.

Try something like SimPlaylist or EsPlaylist/ELPlaylist. One of them probably supports what you want.
General - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle
Last post by garym -
Yes, this is fine. You do realize that by selecting "apply gain" you are actually modifying the audio of the files themselves.  If your player can read and apply replaygain tags, you don't actually need to "apply gain".

EDIT: I misinterpreted your picture. You scanned and added RG tags (correct).  Now you're telling Foobar2000 to apply those tags upon playback (or use the -6db if RG tags don't exist).  This is correct. So this should work well for you.

Also, you can add new tracks to the playlist without selecting all 2000 files and adding replaygain again.  Just add replaygain track tags to the new files.  Replaygain is not adjusting the volume of the songs in the playlist against each other.  Rather, RG is adjusting the volume of tracks relative to an external standard level.
General - (fb2k) / ReplayGain & Shuffle
Last post by Lp -

I'm currently running a radio station which comprises around 2000 tracks, all with varying volume levels. We add in around 100 new tracks a month. Currently play the tracks with the random playback mode (not sure whether shuffle is better!)

After user feedback asking for the levels to be balanced better between the tracks, we looked into using ReplayGain to fix.

This has been done with the following settings:

and by selecting the whole playlist in foobar, scanning by album (with tags) and then updating the tags.

One thing to remember is that there aren't many full albums in this playlist, but more say 10 songs on average from an artist. Not sure whether that was the right scan to use.

If anyone could let me know if this looks good, that'd help ease my mind!

Thank you :)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: GSF decoder v3.0.8 sounds weird
Last post by ghf_50 -
I tested the samples and they sound same with GSF Decoder 2.0.8, or at least bit similar :)
Hello arch21, have you listen the minigsf "VS. Mother Brain" on gsf decoder v3.0.7 or v3.0.8
I'v tested minigsf on Highly Advanced 2.0.8 you provided, everything is ok. but if you play the minigsf "VS. Mother Brain" on gsf decoder v3.0.7 or v3.0.8, you will hear some loud weird noise like sound.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: GSF decoder v3.0.8 sounds weird
Last post by ghf_50 -
Hello, kode54.
I have played Metroid - Zero Mission (USA) again on mGBA v0.6.3 and v0.7 beta 1 for win32, both version sounds right, no weird sound, no broken(the cutscene "Mother Brain Sees You" when you first time goto norfair).
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