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It's been said that Opus is superior to AAC at low bitrates and I'm curious what that means.  What bitrate, for example, would Opus need to provide roughly equal sound quality with an AAC (HE-v2) track encoded at 48 kbps?
The tests were designed to be optimistic, as the maximum recorded level was -10 dB FS. This is about 1/3 of max amplitude.

Are you saying that at 0VU (because that would be full scale) on the LP, that distortion is 15-20%??

Given the evidence at hand...

If so, the statement is clearly false. Not arguing with the math, but sumthin's wrong with this here picture!

I'm thinking the 2% at -35db is not right... 2% at 0VU would be a lot closer...

Provide us with reliable proof of that.   A technical paper, a well-run test. Something but mere braggadocio.

Measuring the actual distortion is really problematic. You have to remove the distortion in the source and somehow negate the distortion of the pickup and EQ (please correct me if we are talking apples and oranges). But if I recall correctly, 2-3% is an accepted norm, but with proper equipment I think you can do better than that (I use a Triplanar, which might be the most adjustable arm made).

Sources that have vanishing distortion by LP standards have very low cost and are widely available.  So that concern is all about what you don't know about modern audio technology.

The distortion of the pickup is a big part of the problem. I understand why you want to deny it, but I know of no means to play records without one. Do you?

All the adjustments in the world don't guarantee good performance.

 Until you show us reliable evidence of better performance, we will be obliged by reason and experience to dismiss the unsupported, undocumented claims of superior performance as just more mere braggadocio.

The key to LP longevity, in this case based entirely on my own experience, is to insure that the cartridge is in fact tracking properly. This is the tricky bit as cartridges and arms are not always compatible. But if you get it right, there will be no hint of distortion regardless of the track in question. At that point you get the minimum wear of the surface as well.

Again, until you show reliable proof to support the expceitional claim of "no hint of distortion' it is dismissed as mere braggadocio.

I find that the biggest enemy of the LP is improper storage and a failure to handle the media properly.

Frankly, given your stream of poorly-informed errors such as your claim that cantilevers are subject to wear even if not used, its not clear what your findings actually mean.

I have in possession a freshly-purchased SOTA test LP from a reliable supplier that I will use as my final standard if it checks out.
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -
Man, if these last several pages don't underscore the inconvenience and inferiority of vinyl, I don't know what does.


The thing that mystifies me is how hard it is to find an LP advocate who knows what they are talking about.

For example, this claim that cantilevers wear out after a few years.  Cantalevers are little pieces of metal that can be bent and broken, but don't receive any wear at all in normal use.  When they are bent or broken typically the cartridge won't track at all .

Cartidges are relatively simple mechanisms. When they go bad, the results always show up in simple measurements, usually pretty grossly, even gross by LP standards.

There are other parts of a cartridge that do wear out or even sometimes go bad while in storage, But our vinyl expert does not seem to know what they are.
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -

What was your procedure?

(1) Obtain a collection of both legacy and modern test records. In many cases obtain 2 copies, one for general use, one for very limited use for tests that were done for "The record".

(2) Obtain several turntables ranging from Ion to Dual to Rega to VPI

(3) Obtain a number of legacy and current cartridges

(4) Do needle drops of selected tracks and analyze them to ensure tone arms and cartridges  are optimized

(5) Take the most promising results and duplicate tests using test records from the reserved group.

(6) Typically unless it mattered, I did some pretty merciless weighting of the results to give vinyl the best chance of developing results that people would not dismiss out of hand because they were so horrible. I edited out tics and pops by hand.

Generally what I found was that once I got the Rega set up well, it was hard to improve on it.  Oh yes, and that compared to digital, vinyl sucks. It measures so bad that it even sounds bad.

I don't know how you could set up a Rega arm well. The arm lacks some essential adjustments, making proper adjustment with most cartridges almost impossible.

Details, please

I just googled up 10 articles on the Rega arm, and while they recommended upgrades of one kind or the other, none criticized the items you mentioned.  Here's your challenge. I'm a degreed engineer with about 50 years of experience with mechanical mechanisms in gneral and tone arms specifically. Convince me!

Since I was not born yesterday, I fully expected your response. Needless to say, its what you get under these circumstances.

BTW, I'm holding a spoiler or two in reserve, to see if you know what you are talking about. Yyou've already tripped over one of them - you have not said anything about the other three turntables that I have. Obviously, the ION is a give-awy, but that leaves 2 that you seem to have no dirt to dish out about.

If your vinyl setup sucks as bad as you say,

So far you have not given any support to that claim. Until you do, it has no credibility.

its likely that there is something wrong with the setup or the LPs you have are in dreadful condition. You should not be hearing any differences in bandwidth for example, nor any distortion in any passages.

Explain to me how fresh test records played with fresh cartridges of good quality be in dreadful condition. Credible evidence would take the form of technical proof of meaningfully better performance. Seeing none...

Regardless, wouldn't you also want to subtract the noise of the phono section from your results?

I told you how I did that, but it seems like it shot right over your head.

Otherwise the measurements might be skewed. Some phono sections are -85 db and some are -55db.

If I had a phono section that was so bad that its noise or distortion drowned out or even audibly  affected the copious noise that is inherent in LP playback, I'd agree with you that it was a serious problem.

What are the legacy cartridges for?? The cantilever on any cartridge really isn't going to perform properly after 4-5 years!

I guess you don't know that cantalevers  have a virtually unlimited life if you don't damage them mechanically. 

I guess you don't have a clue that you tell a cartridge that is too old by means of simple measurements with test records.

And I'm supposed to pretend that you are some kind of authority? If you want credibility around here you have to earn it. We all know that people who post under aliases can claim to be anybody they want and nobody can disprove it, until they fail to provide information that the person in question is supposed to have. 

The challenge to produce is up to you, but so far not so much.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_softplaylists
Last post by davideleo -
I have a previous version which I use only for the love and ban commands. I just tested the playlist commands and those in the context menu work perfectly, those in the main menu don't.
Does all Android phones supports fat32 and ext4 filesystems atleast fat32 filesystem.

FAT32 - yes
ext - with add ons

Suppose I have format my SD card to fat32 and I am able to access using es file explorer on my phone does all applications like music players etc., behave same as file explorer without any errors like file not found etc.,

IME, yes.
I'm kinda curious to know if there's a setting for it after reading your post. I don't use the playlist manager much but for me double clicking always switches the playlist but it never stops the currently playing track and I haven't found a setting that forces it to do so (foobar2000 version 1.3.16)

Could the way the GUI is configured effect that behaviour? I have multiple playlists tabs and for me it makes the playlist manager fairly redundant because it's easy enough to click on a a tab, but all I can get the playlist manager to do is change the "focused" playlist tab when I double click.
You listen to upsampled PCM, not MQA.
I really am astounded as to just how good the upsampled MQA file is when comparing to the original DXD file. At least from my ears. Not sure what value I would get from MQA then.
Like it should sound with any correct downsampled version of the DXD file without MQA.
Hi folks,

I' think, I'm using a patched version, but can't remember which one.
Installed Components shows:
Code: [Select]
Soft Playlists 2012-10-10 foo_softplaylists
About shows:
Code: [Select]
(C) 2009-2010 Johan De Bock

I tried to update before wasting your precious time, but checking the last threads did'nt help:
Did you try the patched version in post #387?
Have fun with it  :
Both give a 404 on the Dropbox folder.

So here I read, that the component might still work:
it seems that the plugin is not supporting anymore the creation of playlists: i am trying but it gives only empty playlists. anyone has the same problem? suggestions?
Mine works. Of course I get empty playlists if there are no matches in my library. Are you sure that's not the problem?

I have matches in my Library, but they're not found because the component has an error.

This is what I get when selecting the context-menu " -> get Artits top tracks"
name, mbid or playcount values on a track are not strings; data format not as expected!

Anyone has a working component, or a replacement for the function
"get artists top tracks"
"get similar artists top tracks"
because this is, what I'm trying to do mainly with this component: creating playlists from my library with similar artists tracks of the currently listened song.

Any help is much appreciated!
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by greynol -
Man, if these last several pages don't underscore the inconvenience and inferiority of vinyl, I don't know what does.