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Automatic track change fading effect.

I don't know why, but the crossfade fading effect that is native in foobar2000 (that is located at Library->Configure->Playback->Output->Fading), doesn't work properly. The Pause and Stop, Seek and Manual Track Change features are working fine, but the automatic track change simply doesn't work. I was giving a party at home and I needed that function working to smoothly change tracks but I couldn't get it working automatically. To get the effect I needed to be in front the computer and at the end of a track, manually change the track. To solve the problem I tried to download some components like Gapless Crossfader but I think it's not compatible with latest foobar version and it just didn't work. At the end, I downloaded Media Monkey just to have the fading effects in my party and at the end of the party I uninstalled Media Monkey. The problem is that invariably I'll give another parties and it would be nice if this fading function worked fine.
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Eduardo Barth.

Automatic track change fading effect.

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I don't know about your specific problem (not having the native crossfading effect work) but I do use and love Gapless Crossfader.  It took a while for me to make it work properly though. It does work fine on the latest foobar version. Since it's a bit fiddly to configure, I paste to you the screenshots of my configuration.

First the config of the gapless crossfader in the dsp manager :

Then in the Playback menu of the main window :

You'll notice that I haven't activated it for manual track change since it's bugged for me. But you might want to try it anyway.

and then :

You may also adjust Foobar buffer lenght to fit with the max lenght used in gapless crossfader configuration (here, 15 sec.), though I'm not sure it's mandatory.

From there, just play with the settings...
If it's not broken, don't fix it.

Automatic track change fading effect.

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I'm wondering how to specify in the Behavior Control to only enable a fade in effect when the next track is of a certain genre... Any idea? Thanks in advance!!!

Automatic track change fading effect.

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I just saw your insightful explanation about this Gapless Crossfader pluging and wanted to try it but can´t find it anywhere, can you give me a link?

Automatic track change fading effect.

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The gapless crossfader component was removed for illegally hooking APIs, which causes program crashes and general instability.

The built in cross-fading still works whenever using directSound for output. It will not work with alternative output components.

Re: Automatic track change fading effect.

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Any reason why the Automatic track change option is gone or missing from Fading under Playback->Output? (With ASIO, WASAPI exc. and DS)
This would be a great option. The DSP crossfade works but with very limited option. ie it shouldn't fade in...

I'm using 1.6.5


Re: Automatic track change fading effect.

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Automatic track change requires a DSP. You'll find that there is a crossfader DSP included with the player for just such a purpose. You'll probably also want to place a resampler DSP in front of / above it.