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General - (fb2k) / Re: ReFacets
Last post by Mrakobes -
I enter a sort string, but it is still sorted alphabetically. The panel displays all the listens for 1 week, but in alphabetical order

%last_played% DURING LAST 1 WEEK SORT DESCENDING BY %last_played%
General - (fb2k) / Old recommended files cleanup
Last post by AJCoolbreeze -
I might have got this right but wanted to be sure. I'm trying to clean up my Foobar system (32) folder and users\me\AppData\Roaming entries and found some I'm fairly confident and some I'm surely confident I can get rid of and was hoping someone can re-assure me I'm good to go.
Win 7 64 running Foobar 32 latest preview. Back in my XP days I remember adding libsndfile-1.dll and libfftw3f-3.dll as needed files?? (did some research and not sure)...and there are the included (or old) file folders that are foo_dsp_std (with old dll), foo_converter folder (w/older version), same with foo_dsp_std folder (dated dll), foo_freedb2 (don't use), along with older or unused altogether ...foo_audioscrobbler.dll.cfg, foo_converter.dll.cfg (older and I believe replicated), foo_misc_addons.dll.cfg (un-installed), foo_out_ks.dll.cfg (un-installed), foo_out_wasapi.dll.cfg (now that I use shared), foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod.dll.cfg, foo_vst.dll.cfg (now using v2/3), foo_youtube.dll.cfg (don't use). Except for converter (which I very rarely use but keep and believe it's older), I deleted or moved the others (for the moment) as I keep it simple, fast, and cool enough. It seems to be working fine and I don't really need a total breakdown unless you see one. Thinking the lib dll files were for my XP worker tower (in storage currently) for older version.
Guessing alot of users have kept things around that can and can"t go (most are obvious yet carried over w/newer Foo versions), and keep Foobar and the computer from looking (or bypassing) files and configs it no longer needs. I've been using Foobar forever and am house cleaning files un-needed (hopefully). Thx for any info.  Peace.  ;)
(and any tips or suggestions are  good)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by MusicHound -
See here, but you can't use the red color like this. The theme itself manages the colors via javascript.


Seems I need to change font as all it shows is a square block instead of 🅴 ... if I change it to E then it shows up

Try and change the 🅴 to unicode '\u1F174' in your pattern. If it does not work, the font does not support it.

Tried changing it but to no avail unfortunately
General Audio / Re: Album Art Downloader XUI
Last post by PaciPag -
This is such an incredibly useful and helpful program... ...when it works. And then sometimes it doesn't work, and it makes me wonder if I'm just doing something completely wrong.

Take this, for example:

I'm searching for cover art that I know exists on Discogs. How do I know it exists on Discogs? Well, when I type "Sun Jamming" into the Discogs search bar, I get:

But Album Art Downloader just finds some bizarrely-irrelevant album by a band called Happy Flowers, which doesn't even include a song called "Sun Jamming" or anything like that. I mean, the theme of the words themselves is on-point - sun jamming, flowers, surf music, happy hippies, sure, all fits in the same spray-painted VW Bus. But as a Boolean search, maybe not so much.

It also fails to return images on eBay or Amazon that both exist (though to be fair, the Amazon one only pops up on a Google Images search, not a direct search). See here and here for screenshots, if necessary. Neither of these show up in Album Art Downloader.

Is there something I can tweak on my end to either return more than one result from Discogs, or, failing that, to at least ensure that when I'm searching for "Sun Jamming", AAD actually sends the words "Sun" and "Jamming" to Discogs and returns the first result?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by TT -
So I went into the Live Editor, right clicked and hit remove. Now nothing is showing but a white screen and I don't know how to revert without reinstalling.

Before you do anything and to be on the safe side, make a backup of your existing profile folder.

After that, from the Georgia-ReBORN zip file, try to copy and replace the configuration folder from the profile folder.
If it does not work, you need to replace the whole profile folder. Start foobar.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_projectM
Last post by mudlord -
I love that someone is still developing a Milkdrop based app, but what I'm missing from Milkdrop are all the configuration settings, and the ability to manage your own presets. Are these functions likely to be added to ProjectM in future?

Would be better to do a complete port of Milkdrop to DX11/Vulkan/OGL4.

Such ports for OGLESv2/GL4 already exist. 64bit is another matter entirely, since the script parser VM would need to be completely rewritten. It extensively uses x86 assembly in the JIT and that would need to be completely regutted.