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EAC file creation
After successfully ripped over 200 CDs, I've started having trouble ripping some of my CDs.  I'm using EAC and converting to FLAC.  After having no trouble at all with the first 230 or so CDs, I've recently been unable to copy some CDs.  When this happens, I get an error message that states:  "File Creation Error!"  Oddly this has happened only with classical music.  On a few CDs, EAC has been able to copy some, but not all of the tracks.  And it doesn't happen on all classical CDs

Any ideas ?

Re: EAC file creation
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The full path of the files is probably too long. Try reducing the length of the file names, or set the destination to a folder with a shorter path.

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Re: EAC file creation
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Another cause of this type of error is when EAC is missing track artist info.
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Re: EAC file creation
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Still regarding the file path, did you change anything along the way as you wento on CD-ripping? I ask that as just last week I chose "Genre" to be part of the file path, and as some CDs didn't have any, I got an error message for every track.
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