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Who wants Lyric displays?

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Foobar 2000 v2.0 beta 10 Please don't be like Microsoft removing functionality from the software with so called upgrades. I am unable to install any lyric plugins with this, and I rely on those plugins. I want to see lyrics displayed as I play music.

Re: Lyrics

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There's no reason at all why any components made for fb2k v1 won't work with fb2k v2,0 32bit.

Obviously 64bit is another matter entirely and you'll just to have to wait and see if lyrics component developers release 64bit updates. This is a universal thing across all software not exclusive to fb2k.

Re: Lyrics

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Open Lyrics component Developer is also working on 64bit release: Github Issue

Re: Lyrics

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The ESLyric plugin supports a 64-bit version, you can try it. Personal tests are perfect.
Agreed.  While it's more designed around synced lyrics in the display department, it has support for Genius, MusixMatch, AZLyrics, and MiniLyrics, as well as 3 Chinese sites and of course local tags/files.  You can load it into a FB panel with Layout Editing Mode just like the old Lyric Show Panel 3, or use it in a desktop display mode.

ESLyric works fine with dynamic radio stream metadata as well.  While the foo_openlyrics developer has stated he is actively working on a 64-bit version, he has also stated that support for dynamic metadata is not a current priority for him.

Re: Lyrics

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Thanks. The ES plugin is working. But with this install I have lost my big list of lyric sources to add to the search area. Where can I find a list like that in the correct format?

Re: Lyrics

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The only ones available now are the ones listed in Tools/ESLyric/Lyric Option.  If you hit the "Get more.." link above the Lyric Sources box, it will check and display what's available and if there is an update to it.  I would encourage others to post requested sources in the ESLyric thread so the developer can see them (,122571.0.html).


Re: Lyrics

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Done. and Thanks!