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foo_mp3s (experimental)

I just whipped up a quick and dirty playback plugin for mp3surround files, based on the evaluation / demonstration decoder released by Fraunhofer IIS a couple days ago.

usage notes:
* rename mp3surround files from .mp3 to .mp3s and throw them at fb2k (intended behaviour to keep this plugin from interfering with the regular mp3 decoders in fb2k)
* This plugin relies on mp3sDecDLL.dll for decoding; which is part of the official mp3surround installer on (so you need to get that as well)

* fixed 6-channel output
* NO sample-accurate seeking
* NO gapless playback
* slow decoding for actual surround mp3s (~20x on my Barton 2500+)
* tag writing disabled for now

You can thank that spoony Fraunhofer library for most of that

Next time I'm bored I'll have a shot at turning it into a proper mp3 decoder service for fb2k..

[span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%']legalese: evaluation software blah demo blah usual terms apply, don't whine if it blows up your computer, etc pp[/span]
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foo_mp3s (experimental)

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Nice one. Still reports two channels in properties.

Should report six right? The channel test mp3 reports six correctly btw.
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foo_mp3s (experimental)

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Intentional / design decision.

I made it report 2 channels and mp3surround = yes because - as opposed to true multichannel mp3 files which contain more than 2 channels - mp3surround files contain only 2 channels and spatial cue data for reconstruction / synthesis of additional (surround) channels.

As far as I can tell mp3surround decoding is not even necessarily locked to a total of 6 output channel, although the example decoder is fixed to that number (which doesn't mean much because it decodes normal stereo mp3s without mp3surround data to 6 channels as well, filling the surround channels with silence. doh.)
A riddle is a short sword attached to the next 2000 years.

foo_mp3s (experimental)

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Hi, could you upload mp3sDecDLL.dll somewhere or do we have to download the full stuff from


foo_mp3s (experimental)

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I believe that if the license allowed redistribution, he would be providing it in a bundle with the plug-in. Just a guess. :B

foo_mp3s (experimental)

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All right cool.

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foo_mp3s (experimental)

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Better late than never?

Not sure if there's an updated version for new foobar2000.
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