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Listening Tests / Re: 16500 Hz lowpass test
Last post by greynol -
Thanks for sharing.

Listening at pathological levels constitutes cheating in my book.  Besides you could be hearing intermodulation distortion.

Regardless, you made your point: this piece of "dumb" "music" would need more than ~16kHz of BW in order not to lose sound quality for those who are young and have questionable taste. ;)
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Option buttons - problem
Last post by Tropoje -
I found a bug (in the Columns UI buttons toolbar) – the 'Active selection' item group does not work when a track is playing. Not sure if it is the specific bug you are experiencing, but it will be fixed for the next version.
In my case, the "Quick convert panel" appears only when I press the created button while playing the song, when nothing is played, the panel does not appear.

First! You must create your conversion preset eg Mp3 VBR 192 kbps and save the preset! 
Second - or create shortcut for last used preset and this thing start working.

"Quick convert" and "[last used]" are two different options
AAC / Re: Where to download FDK AAC for foobar2k/windows?
Last post by polemon -
LAME developers do not distribute binaries either. For approximately the same reasons.
No, but there were plenty of builds around and they were relatively easy to get. Also, since MP3 patents have expired, the binaries are now considered free. Fedora has them in their main repos now, etc.

That aside: AAC (with the HE-AACv2 profile) encoding should be possible with Winamp. According to FhG AAC is included in Winamp.

Believe it or not, you can still download Winamp from, even though the page says "there's more coming soon", that page has been in that state for at least four years.

Since the FDK AAC is released as source from Fraunhofer, is it nonetheless prohibited to release builds? Technically all FDK AAC encoders that you download on your Android phone are compiled binaries. As I understand it, having FDK AAC builds for Windows etc, shouldn't be a problem. Or is Android paying some sort of license fee to Fraunhofer, so they can put FDK AAC encoder binaries onto people's phones?
AAC / Re: Where to download FDK AAC for foobar2k/windows?
Last post by magicgoose -
LAME developers do not distribute binaries either. For approximately the same reasons.
But I've heard it's not too hard to build.
it seems that HE-AACv2 and Opus are the best candidates
If I were you, I'd just use Opus.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by Pollux88 -
An option to skip everything in %album% name after '(' and '[' characters would be killer
Album autoclean probably does something similar, but it seems to be working for some, but not for others.
Audio Hardware / Re: may i know your favorite headphone?
Last post by kode54 -
I'm still using my HD 580s after more than 10 years, and have replaced all the pads exactly once, and the cables several times. They're plugged into my Blue Yeti microphone, and I keep forgetting to turn off the microphone monitoring.
General Audio / Re: Song Previewer and Playlist Info
Last post by Simon_ Thunder -
Download foo_seek.dll -,88654.0.html
Unzip that file to Foobar2000 components folder.
Run Foobar2000.exe
Go to main Foobar2000 window:
1)Playback - Seek control - Loop length - default
2)Playback - Seek control - Preview length - default

Go to File - Preferences - Advanced
3)Advanced - Playback - Seek - Preview - Playback position - 0
4)Preview length - 45000 (45 sec = 45000 ms)
5)Reset next track to playback position preview - is checked
6)Apply - ok

Main Foobar2000 window
7)Playback - Seek control - Preview
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