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General - (fb2k) / Re: Rip CD to FLAC - can't locate FLAC.exe
Last post by nastea -
Encoder pack is still required. You can download it from official foobar site. Link

Download and install it and you should be able to rip CDs to FLAC.

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TrendMicro-HouseCall        Suspicious_GEN.F47V0523

Reason for concern?
Scientific Discussion / Re: Help me understand why sound is one dimensional
Last post by saratoga -
Ok, to be more specific: a short-time Fourier transform, as used to generate a spectrogram, is 2D.

The short time Fourier transform of audio is a way to make a 2D image by tiling the 1D frequency domain data into a picture. Creating a 2, 3, 4... N-D picture of the 1D frequency domain vector doesn't make it 2D or anything else. It just means you made a picture.
General - (fb2k) / Rip CD to FLAC - can't locate FLAC.exe
Last post by Neildc -
Hi, I'm new to Foobar2000 and need some guidance in 'layman's language' please.

I have installed Foobar2000 v.1.3.19 and can use it to listen directly to CD's. However, when I try to rip a CD, I reach a windows explorer dialogue box asking me to 'locate FLAC.exe' and get stuck. I have read quite a few posts on similar questions though mostly 7 or 8 years old. They indicate the need to install an encoder. Is this still a requirement with Foobar? If so, please will someone point me to where can I find the right encoder to download and tell me how to link it to Foobar2000.
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