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Account deletion

Because I couldn't do it myself and wasn't able to get in touch with anybody (Contact -> support?) I figured the best way for my wish to happen would be to post it in here.

Therefore since I haven't been using this forum much and do not plan on doing so in the near future can somebody please delete me?

Re: Account deletion

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Contact an administrator via private message.

The 'Staff List' can be found on

Re: Account deletion

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Why not just disable all notifications and messaging, and go silent (ie log out and don't log back in)?

I'm not saying it's necessarily the case in this specific instance, but the problem on forums if people have their accounts deleted is that if they've contributed to any discussion, the removal of that contribution breaks the discussion.
It's your privilege to disagree, but that doesn't make you right and me wrong.

Re: Account deletion

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The data has been slurped already as an offering to the great ML in the sky, the only reason for deletion IMO is if you haven't been posting anonymously or to disrupt existing discussion. Always post anonymously. My name isn't Cid.