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There might have been changes recently and maybe them are ongoing.
Currently I only see 5 recent topics at the frontpage/mainpage, it has been 10 or something some days ago.
Any chance of changing the number of shown recent topics? I am mostly interested in ongoing and new forum discussions and 5 is a very small number to me 8)
If this is a profile setting this is ok to me, maybe others have other preferences.

Re: Frontpage - number of shown Recent Topics

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The number depends on the amount of activity. If there are no new posts in the last few days, there are no topics being shown.

So, apparently, there have been less active topics lately.
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Re: Frontpage - number of shown Recent Topics

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Thanks ktf.

The number of shown topics seems also to be different, logged in and with my desktop-pc it's 4 (after starting the post) - 7 (right now), on my mobile device when i reload the tab and being guest it's 10.
IMHO best is to show 10 last recent topics with 'recent' being the last from history-stack, whatever period that might be.