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foobar2000 for Mac / Re: foobar2000 for Mac: bugs & wishes
Last post by heybart -
3- Additional built-in column options: Composer, Album Artist (Not Artist/Album), Sample Rate, Year, Comment

You can create custom columns yourself. Right click on a column header and select More...  Then add custom column, using formatting strings found here

For example, add a column named "Quality" and use this pattern: %codec% %bitrate% %samplerate%

General - (fb2k) / Re: Audio Quality
Last post by lvqcl -
Yikes, TOS #8 alert!
I don't understand a word of that!!
TOS = Terms Of Service,,3974.html

TOS #8:
All members that put forth a statement concerning subjective sound quality, must - to the best of their ability - provide objective support for their claims.
Hydrogenaudio is supposed to be an objectively minded community that relies on double-blind testing and relevant methods of comparison in discussion about sound quality. The usual "audiophile" speak of non-audio related terms which are completely subjective and open to redefinition on a whim, are useless for any sort of progression in discussion.

This rule is the very core of Hydrogenaudio, so it is very important that you follow it.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Input/Other decoders (special format) 64bit
Last post by ghf_50 -
SSF/DSF Decoder (Highly Theoretical) v2.0.55 (foo_input_ht) 2024-06-23

GSF Decoder v3.0.25 (foo_input_gsf) 2024-06-23

PSF Decoder (Highly Experimental) v2.4.1 (foo_psf) 2024-06-23
I'm glad to see these game music components still on developing.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Input/Other decoders (special format) 64bit
Last post by ghf_50 -
So here is my question: who decide what files should be installed?  foobar2000 itself or something internal list inside foo_xxx.dll.
Component installation is handled by the foobar2000 itself. Files included at the root of the component archive are meant to be common files or 32-bit files. If there are 64-bit or ARM files in platform-specific subdirectories, those will overwrite the 32-bit files when approproate.

There is one extra point component authors should note. Current foobar2000 version removes 64-bit dlls that were meant to be common for all versions. I can't remember what issue triggered Peter to add this safety feature, but it can be a problem if component bundles 64-bit sandbox process that should use those dlls even on 32-bit foobar.
Thanks for reply.
SNESAPU input's author updated "how_to_install.txt". In this case, according to "how_to_install.txt", it says:
Code: [Select]
NOTE: Current version of foobar2000 appears to remove *.dll from *.fb2k-component that do not match the architecture of foobar2000 itself.
No wonder there is no "snesapu.dll" in component folder. It's a 32-bit dll removed by 64-bit foobar2000.
foobar2000 mobile / iOS player search is (sometimes?) case-sensitive and definitely shouldn't be
Last post by Higgs Boatswain -
Hi wonderful f2k community,

I love the player on iOS and use it as my daily driver to play music on my iPhone.

However, some of my music files' tags use all-lowercase letters for tags like Title, Artist, etc., and in at least a couple cases, this is literally how the artist themself has released the music, meaning that the all-lowercase versions are canonically correct and accurate (see also, artists with idiosyncratic case usage for their names like the all-caps MF DOOM, or the all-lowercase k.d. lang, etc.).

On iOS, by default the keyboard will capitalize the first letter entered into a field like the foobar2000 search box. When this happens, and I'm searching for a track, an artist, track or album whose tags are not capitalized, then the search returns no results, even if the files are present and indexed in the f2k library!

Oddly, this doesn't seem to happen in all instances, for example, if I search for "steely" (all lowercase), I still get results for the capitalized "Steely." The inverse does not appear to be true, though.

I pleadingly and humbly request of the developers to change the search code to make all searches completely case-insensitive, both ways (upper-to-lower and lower-to-upper), so that I can continue to enjoy my music freely with this wonderful player!

Thank you all so much for any assistance you might offer.

EDIT: I'm using the the latest version available in The App Store, 1.5.0