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CD Hardware/Software / Re: CD's with pre-emphasis: Cddeemph vs SoX vs Foobar2000
Last post by vilsen -
Thank you all very much for your input.

My CD's with PE are mostly from the 80's to early 90's but I also have some recent ones which are classical. But maybe they are from older masters.

Whatever prog I decide to use for de-emphasizing, I will also keep the original, ripped files for archiving.

Thanks for the info on the prog's features. It seems there aren't any major differences in what they can do for this purpose, except maybe the 32 vs 80 bit floating point but I don't think it makes much of a difference for de-emphazising 16-bit files. And the graphs from Rollin shows no significant differences.

Just for clarification, are the cddeemph graphs with dithering and the rest without dithering? In that case dithering doesn't make much of a difference either.

I've also been doing some very limited testing myself today and so far I have not been able to hear any differences between the resulting files from the progs. I haven't been able to download cddeemph though, which is why I am curious if it can actually be any better than the others. From the replies from you all and the graphs I reckon there isn't much of a difference.

Expression "audiophile quality filter" is meaningless. Actually, any expression with words "audiophile quality" is meaningless.

I agree, if I had seen this quote on the developer's site I had considered it marketing. But seen in the wiki here at Hydrogenaudio it made me wonder if it had been purposely put there because cddeemph has the edge over the other progs.
AAC / Re: Lossless AAC
Last post by saratoga -
I understand there is some kind of backwards compatibility, but I'm not sure if current hardware (car radio) will play the lossless or the lossy layer (or neither).

Definitely not both, and probably neither.  AAC-SLS is a dead format, nothing will support it. 
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Case -
In theory but it would be messy. If you wish to do that you can move the (writer) part to the top of the decoder list, write the info you don't want to go to the files, then move the writer back to bottom.
AAC / Re: Lossless AAC
Last post by gusnv -
I understand there is some kind of backwards compatibility, but I'm not sure if current hardware (car radio) will play the lossless or the lossy layer (or neither). Basically I just need the AAC encoding for compatibility purposes.

Edit: Some of my devices don't work with Apple lossless.
AAC - General / Re: Best Portable AAC Setting?
Last post by gusnv -
The answer depends on three things:
a) Storage limitations
b) Headphone quality and type
c) Will you connect it to an external device?

- If you are only listening to your iPhone through the included headphones then I wouldn't recommend going higher than 128kbps.
- If you are listening to your iPhone through high quality headphones AND/OR you will connect it to another device (stereo, bluetooth speaker, car radio, etc.) then use the highest setting possible, considering space limitations. Make some tests, see how big files result and adjust accordingly. I wouldn't go lower than 160kbps or higher than 256kbps.

In any case, use VBR.
AAC / Re: Lossless AAC
Last post by spoon -
Are you certain your player will play AAC SLS, it is not a popular format? Apple Lossless is the defacto standard for m4a.
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