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General Audio / Re: Detecting whether a 24-bit file has been upconverted from 16-bit?
Last post by Abstracter -
The script fails to detect whether files have been upconverted from 16 bits to 24 bits if dither is used. Is there any way to circumvent this and modify the script in order to bypass this dither masking files as actual 24 bits files?

Please, this is important. There are some files I really need to know whether they were upconverted.
MP3 / Re: Programs like MP3Packer? CBR to lower quality VBR (no re-encoding).
Last post by Porcus -
Sorry if this comes off as naive.
Bitrate peeling is not more naive than finding its way into the Ogg Vorbis specification - but so naive that nobody ever implemented it.

If you are looking to make it fit on, say, an Android phone, then a suggestion could be to transcode to Musepack or Opus, presuming that you don't have any such files from other sources. Then you can start at low bitrate, knowing instantly from the file type that these can be thrown away if they sound bad.
Listening Tests / Re: Personal Blind Listening Test of AAC at 128 kbps (six encoders & 105 samples)
Last post by Julien -
Thank you very much for sharing these tests Guru. It must have taken quite a lot of your time.

I was wondering if the fact that FDK AAC's bandwidth is slightly narrower than Apple's (see: played any part in making it less transparent overall (Qaac has a low-pass filter cutting at about 18.5 KHz with the settings you used, if I recall correctly).

Would you say that it might have contributed to FDK AAC's slightly lower marks in your test?


AAC - Tech / Re: AAC Gapless playback information
Last post by kode54 -
Yes, I was going to recommend XLD for batch conversion on macOS. It's also my go-to app for CD ripping. And for AAC encoding, it uses Apple's codec, which is arguably and verifiably the best to date at LC and HE/HEv2 encoding, even if it's now basically achieved stability and isn't going anywhere.

Incidentally, the gapless info typically can't be applied without a full re-encode anyway. While the encoder delay is usually fixed, the padding on the end is not, and the best you can "guess" for just generating tags for pre-encoded files is to read the length from the source file and tag accordingly. Better to just re-encode everything from scratch and do it the right way in the first place.
foobar2000 mobile / Re: Reliable bluetooth pause/resume
Last post by kode54 -
foobar2000 mobile has minimal accounting for latency in its output chain. Hence the only latency correction is for the seek position and time display, and why there's no visualization subsystem implemented.

The player would need full latency accounting, including all output buffering, and would need to know how much to seek backwards to resume if the output device is lost and restarted during playback.

It could also be that it was designed simply to not bother seeking backwards when restarting output, and doesn't buffer redundant PCM data to match the output latency, "just in case" the output needs to be completely refilled.
foobar2000 mobile / Re: FTP - Can't drag files to folder - Mac
Last post by kode54 -
Moving this to Mobile, since the issue is really about the Android version's FTP server, rather than the macOS desktop version.

Incidentally, the macOS version doesn't really support dragging files outside the app, as I guess it doesn't implement generic file objects into its pasteboard export for that purpose.
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