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Title: Options for buffering playback over samba
Post by: iamcatastrophe on 2013-02-14 15:51:35
I use foobar2000 over samba. I'm using a vpn to connect to that network. This works fine except for when file sizes are too large and the file access over samba can't keep up with playback.
Lately I have more FLACs in my collection, and when I encounter them they skip periodically as the song plays because they're behind. I was wondering what ways exist to help alleviate this. The only option I'm aware of is "Full file buffering up to (kb) : ". Though this will work, I'd have to set it pretty high, as in 51200kb. If this is the case I'll have to wait minutes for the entire song to buffer. I also don't care to buffer the entire song.

What I'm looking for is something in between, I would like to wait a small amount of time to do a decent amount of up front buffering, and when possible have foobar do this when playing the previous file in the playlist. (very I have playlists of mp3s and FLACs, there would be ample time to pre buffer songs in many situations)

This is really two features, one to pre buffer next songs on the playlist, and the second to buffer a portion of the song. I know this asking a lot, but considering the other things I've seen foobar do, maybe there's a way I'm not aware of.

I am a programmer, and I really love foobar (it solves many of my other complicated needs, and I use it daily), so if nothing exists to help... I'd be willing to investigate how to add this. So I'd also be curious if there's any interest in a feature like this... or if anyone had pointers on available examples doing something similar, or good a place to start. I have zero experience with foobar and its sdk.

Title: Options for buffering playback over samba
Post by: iamcatastrophe on 2013-02-14 16:23:25
I'd also be interested if anyone knows a good way of scripting a conversion of FLACs to mp3s.
As well a good way to be able to keep both FLACs and MP3s, and then configure one foobar install to use mp3s and the other flacs.
I know you can filter out extensions, but sometimes I'm actually on the local network (instead of through vpn) and then I'd like to use the FLACS instead of the MP3s, so is there an easy way to filter mp3s with the same name/location as a FLAC?

That would also help solve my problem.
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