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track title from filename?

hi, i know how to turn make the filenames of my music file the same as the title of the music file.
BUT, how can i take the filename, and make the title for the music files equal to the filenames?

so i can do
but in this case, i want to do
(i tried going into properties and making the title %filename%, but this just actually made it '%filename%'...)
is it possible?

track title from filename?

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Right click -> Automatically fill values...
Pattern = %title%

track title from filename?

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wow just like magic, thank you very much!
i learn more foobar everyday!

Re: track title from filename?

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I am aware this is quite old a thread. Is there a way to take just a portion of the file names? This would be useful for example in order to prevent the track number included in the filename to become part of the track titles.
Thanks anyone :)