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Topic: [DUPLICATE POST] creating wv files, not wav files (Read 1602 times) previous topic - next topic
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[DUPLICATE POST] creating wv files, not wav files

my ripping was going fine, when all of a sudden itunes wanted to open up the track, instead of vlc

upon investigating, i find that the file is a wav file, instead of a wv file

at first, i figured i just clicked on "non-compressed" instead of "compressed" when you go to eac - action

but no, i did 2 more individual songs on this cd, and both were created wav files

this was after i SUCCESSFULLY got the picture art working

the first picture art working went correctly to wv

i havent changed any eac setting, except going back and forth between burst and secure, if i have something that is in neither the cuetools or accurate rip data bases.

i am stumped on this one ?