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Educational Achievements of Audiophiles

After joining this, so called, community, it struck me that many alleged objectivists on this forum don’t understand the fundamentals of science and engineering. In the interest of full transparency, I urge the members of this forum to honestly report their educational achievements. You have nothing to hide, do you?


Re: Educational Achievements of Audiophiles

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Are you mad at somebody here? You're not asking really nicely, I know for a fact that there are crazy good and interesting people here, it's in fact probably my only source for codecs, updates etc.

I can't speak for myself, I am just an enthusiast that loves audio codecs, I love to see how low they can go and still sound good, then of course I'm into computers, encoders etc. but again, hopefully someone will fill your interests.

Re: Educational Achievements of Audiophiles

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Some of us have met in person over the years. I see no need to divulge personal information to a public forum. I know who to trust, and who not to trust.

If you have trouble deciding that for yourself, or if you have trouble conversing with people on here in general, then it's your personal problem.

Do I have something to hide? Yes, and lots of it: Personal information about my family, children, etc. as well as my job and information about me and my employer. I won't risk any of that for a troll, disrupting a community which is otherwise pretty reasonable, and has been for many years.

I'd urge everyone to be very cautious about divulging information about themselves, their degrees or their employment. In my case, this could mean I'd lose my job, so just be careful.

Re: Educational Achievements of Audiophiles

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It's common sense, Polemon. But it bears repeating, though. I'd never disclose anything else about my private life than I absolutely have to. If my word weighs less because of it, so be it. Who cares.

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