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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by WilB -
New Version: JScript Biography 0.8.3

ADD: Option to set background blur level used by dark & light themes (panel properties: "ADV.Image Blur Background Level...").
ADD: Option to paste in reviews and biographies: Menu > Sources > "Paste From Clipboard". A flag, either "Custom Biography" or "Custom Review", is used to stop JScript Biography from trying to auto-update any custom biographies & reviews and that should be left in place. "Force Update" overrides the flag. Menu items grayed in image only mode or if no clipboard data or required artist / album names missing.
FIX: Rare cases where album names were being incorrectly processed.

@PeteG. Issue should be fixed (see above).
@YOGAM. Added option to copy/paste missing reviews (see above).
@culinko. I suspect auto-add new images is enabled, which would give that behaviour (see documentation). So all you should need to do is disable that. In biography.ini set: Image [Artist] Auto-Add New=0
@DJ FRANK G. Added option to change the blur strength of the background artist or cover pic (see above).
@Rd1452002. Mostly the script is using protocols that don't support MBID.
@Ricksteele. Shadow effects are possible through altering the appropriate gr.GdiDrawText functions, but I didn't find drop shadow helpful - it resulted in the text being less readable. A second preceding line of text with a 1 pixel x & y offset in an opposing colour or other text draw functions that the component provides can be used for shadow effects.
Feature request (forgive me if this has already been asked):

Is it possible to include support in a future version of JScript Panel for high-resolution monitors when viewing tooltip messages (the messages that appear when you hover over an object with a text caption)?

My new laptop has a 4k screen, which makes viewing these hover messages difficult.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Library Tree Discussion
Last post by WilB -
New Version: Library Tree 1.3.5


ADD: Library viewer selection support (thanks to marc2003 for info). Mostly, this improves interaction with default user interface album artwork panel. Most users won't notice much difference as it already worked through playlist selection.

@Lucidae: JScript biography album art panel, when set to follow selected track (uncheck "Menu > Sources > Now Playing"), has always given the behaviour you described with default library tree settings. Default user interface album artwork panel will also now work the way you want.
New Version: YouTube Track Manager 3.9.2


FIX: Compatibility with foo_youtube 2.0
I see that they have a 55ohm impedance.
Will they be good for listening to music from my laptop/cellphone? Is there a big difference in that sense from 32ohm impedance headphones?
Possibly no difference...

There are couple of effects of impedance -

 - IF the headphone amp/driver circuit has an output capacitor, the capacitor and headphone resistance (impedance) form a high-pass filter.    The lower the headphone impedance, the higher the cut-off frequency.  IF the capacitor is too small (in microfarads) you may loose bass with low-impedance headphones (higher impedance is potentially better). 

 - Headphone impedance is not constant over the frequency range.    If the headphone output impedance* isn't low relative to the (nominal) headphone impedance, you'll get frequency response variations.    So again, higher impedance is potentially better IF the amplifier impedance is too high.  (Headphones are tested/specified using a low source-impedance amplifier).

 - Power is inversely related to impedance** and with lower impedance you get more power (Watts or milliwatts), all-else being equal.    That might mean that the higher impedance headphones are not as loud...    Let's say you have a pair of 32-Ohm headphones playing and you're getting 1 milliwatt.  If you unplug them and plug-in a pair of 64-Ohm headphones, you'll be getting 1/2 milliwatt.     The power (watts or milliwatts) is related to "loudness", an half the power is -3dB quieter...   with the same headphones...      But, if the 64-Ohm headphones are more efficient (or more "sensitive"), they could actually be louder, or they could be much quieter, etc.     So, you'd have to check the sensitivity of both headphones to know if one is louder than the other.   

* The actual source impedance of a headphone amps/outputs is rarely specified/published...  They usually just specify the acceptable headphone load impedance...  

** Impedance and resistance (both measured in Ohms) are the resistance to current flow.   With lower resistance and the same voltage, you get more current (Ohm's Law).   And, power is the product of Voltage x Current.   

Is it possible to limit the selection of the pool to the tracks from a specific playlist (as opposed to any tracks from the media library) ? Thanks in advance
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: Biography
Last post by WilB -
New Version: JScript Biography 0.8.3

Requirements are unchanged.
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: Library Tree
Last post by WilB -
New Version: Library Tree 1.3.5

Please post discussion here. Updated requirement: JScript Panel 1.2.3+.
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: YouTube Track Manager
Last post by WilB -
New Version: YouTube Track Manager 3.9.2

Requires JScript Panel, foo_youtube_preconf 2.0+ (recommended - see reply #90) and optionally playback statistics 3.02+ & m-TAGS 1.12+.

Please post discussion here.
The end is here! Digital as we know it with our standard PCM accurate DACs no longer are able to judge sound quality.
Time to classify everything i have at home as vintage digital pre-MQA age junk.