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Looking for sound system solution.

Dear all,

I can't see the wood for the trees and therefore need your assistance in finding a sound system
for my two-level apartment with best value for the buck. My budget is around 1.000 to 1.200 €.
That's what probably some of you spend for one speaker only.  ;-)

My preferences :
- half-size would be great
- one central amp-unit of course
- USB port for HDD with FLAC files
- integrated or stand-alone CD player
- integrated or stand-alone internet radio
- 2 x 2 (or more?) Stereo Loudspeakers (WiFi or cable)
- possibility to switch on or off one pair of loudspeakers

In case my budget is too tight, I still have four wire-based loudspeakers lying around. In addition
the internet radio is not a must as I still have an old Squeezebox from Logitech which works perfectly.
Remote control by smartphone is not required. Remote control by laptop would be a nice to have.
I don't know if it's important but musically my taste goes from progressive metal over lounge to classic.
Therefore the possibility to make some tiny adjustments soundwise would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.


Re: Looking for sound system solution.

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I can't give you a specific recommendation...

Remote control by laptop would be a nice to have.
If your laptop has a disc player it can handle everything except the amplification & speakers.     Or you could use a USB CD/DVD drive with your computer.   

If you get active "monitor" speakers you won't need an amplifier.   If you get Wi-Fi speakers, of course they won't need an amplifier either.   Monitors are sold where they sell musical instruments, recording equipment, and PA systems.    With your budget you could get 4 very-good monitors with 8-inch woofers.

Note that monitors are not designed to be used with a receiver...   They will work great with a preamp or with the line/headphone output from your computer.

Speakers are the most important thing for "sound quality" and it's best if you can go to an audio-video store and listen for yourself.    They will sound different in a different-smaller space but I still feel that's better than relying on "random" recommendations or reviews, or by reading the specs.

one central amp-unit of course
A receiver is usually less expensive than a stand-alone amplifier, although you can get inexpensive amplifiers from places like Parts Express.    The biggest issue with a "cheap little amplifier" is that they usually don't have input switching or tone controls, etc.     Receivers are mass-manufactured and mass-marketed and you get a LOT more for your money.  "Hi-Fi" amplifiers are a "specialty item".

In case my budget is too tight, I still have four wire-based loudspeakers lying around
You'll have to decide if your existing speakers are better than what you can afford.

Re: Looking for sound system solution.

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Thanks alot for your input @DVDdoug

In the end there are quite some options/brands and therefore I can't see the wood for the tree.
A receiver, as you already mentioned, would be a good alternative to an amplifier, but isn't the sound quality, like dry bass drum kicks somehow better with a good amp? Again, I have no idea what to choose (cambridge, NAD, etc...)

As I already have four wall outlets for speakers, I think that I'll go with the existing ones.
In addition active WiFi speakers would be a problem as I don't have power outlets at all of the required spots.
If speakers are the most important thing for "sound quality", then I might start with a good amp and buy four new speakers at a later time.

There used to be these two-directional satellite speakers from Bose which had a great sound in combination with a single subwoofer, but unfortunately such Bose stereo sound systems were quite pricey. A friend of mine had one Acoustimass 10 installed in his public bar and I can remember the sound was phenomenal. Sorry in case I offended someone by saying the Bose sound was phenomenal, but I really was completely blown away by the detail, clarity and dynamics whether it was classical, pop or metal music.
The last discounted sets were sold for only 700 €.
I would buy one immediately if only I could . . .

Does anyone else has some recommendations ?


Re: Looking for sound system solution.

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push . . .


Re: Looking for sound system solution.

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I really have no idea what do you want. Some small stereo integrated system?
Something like this?

I can't help you, because I use used active studio monitors as speakers, cheapest preamplifier that I could find which has tone controls and enough inputs, and everything else is on my small Kodi-based media center (without pirate plugins) - I have selection of internet radios through official plugins, audio and video library on hard drives, and it serves me well. In the end, I can playback more audio and video formats than dedicated media players. Cable TV receiver is also connected to that preamp.

Everyone has different needs. I don't know what you want, you'll have to search for yourself. Just be sure the speakers are good enough - they are the one that play the sound for you.
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Re: Looking for sound system solution.

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I really have no idea what do you want. Some small stereo integrated system?
Something like this?

I appreciate your input and your annotations make absolutely sense.
Sorry in case my initial request was not that clear.

My main requirements are :
- music system/server/amp
- outputs for two sets of speakers (L+R for 1st floor and L+R for 2nd floor)
- two sets of wire-based speakers (active not possible due to missing plugs)
- everything for around 1.000 to 1.200 € (I hope that's realistic . . . )

An integrated system would be fine, but the only thing I am missing on your proposal is
the possibility to hook up 4 speakers (2 per level in my duplex appartment).

Have a good week . . .