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Purchased download advice needed

Please forgive my ignorance but is this legitimately purchased lossless download lossy?

Download is from Onyx Classics, Cat No: ONYX 4008

Thank you.

Re: Purchased download advice needed

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The highs appear to be filtered but it's impossible to know if it was once lossy because we don't know what kind if processing it's been through.    It could also be the nature of the instruments.   Are there any cymbals or brass, etc., with lots of high-frequency energy?

If you had the original CD you could compare but it's also possible (but unusual) for CDs to be sourced from lossy recordings.

BTW - There are effects for "restoring" high frequencies and/or bit-depth and you can decode  process an MP3 to fake-it and make it "measure"  like a high definition recording, but the compression artifacts won't be removed.

Re: Purchased download advice needed

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pardon me for saying but this is the audio equivalent of asking a girl if she's a virgin
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  ;~)

Re: Purchased download advice needed

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pardon me for saying but this is the audio equivalent of asking a girl if she's a virgin

I like the humour, so you're saying extremely unlikely that it's lossless?

Re: Purchased download advice needed

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Piano usually doesn't have much HF content in the first place. See these recordings, for example:
Opening them in Spek with a small window it looks like they barely go above 10k.
To see the low amplitude content in Spek better you need to make the window bigger.

That constant horizontal fuzzy line above 15k is a bit weird, however. It could be some equipment noise or dither noise, but I don't know. I have a legit CD rip with a constant line around 15k, but it's much narrower and solid.

Re: Purchased download advice needed

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Could be audible watermark.


Re: Purchased download advice needed

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Haha :)

That "straight line" above 15 kHz is very common problem. I will simply quote 2Bdecided's post from 2010.

CRT TV in the studio. That's the line whistle - the sound coming from the back of the CRT TV tube at the line frequency of the video signal. 15.625kHz for PAL; 15.734kHz for NTSC.

It's quite common in recordings. Occasionally it can be horribly loud, and people with good high frequency hearing can be annoyed by it. It doesn't "look" that loud in this case though.


In most cases, you can simply ignore it, it will be inaudible.
There are some exceptions, of course.
One of the worst ones I have encountered is "Justify My Love" from Madonna.
I am pretty sure every single person here knows that song. That song is very quiet, lots of whispering and this problem is very audible.
You can "fix" it by using notch filter or playing with eq.

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