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multiple itunes library on the same computer

is there any way that i can add a separate itunes library on my computer ?  i would like to have my mp3 files in a different library from my m4a files.


Re: multiple itunes library on the same computer

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i was able to figure out how to do this.  when i wanted to delete just some m4a files, it deleted the mp3 files right along with it.  and then when i added them back, they all went to the same folder.  you can create multiple libraries.  you hit the shift key, and the itunes icon.  the only small drawback is that you need to hit the shift key when you open the itunes library.  but only if you are wanting to change.  otherwise it opens up the last library opened.  a small inconvenience, at least for me.

Re: multiple itunes library on the same computer

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i have 2 fantom drives, each the same.  itunes is smart enough to look for an exact drive.  this way i have a backup, in case i get a corrupt file.  so i need to remember to always load into itunes from the same drive !!