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Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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I would like to have the Display options from the original Facets reimplemented into ReFacets if possible, see attached picture.
I really liked the Album cover view and was kinda bummed that it is not possible anymore with ReFacets.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Can the output selector please wait until it finds a output!
When i turn my TV off HDMI starts handshaking and windows disables the sound for a moment or 2.
Foobar reacts by selecting no output and starts waiting till i cancel the outputport selection and then foobar automatically finds the sound output again.

Could foobar please wait for at least a HDMI handshake moment.
And if i could point to a default port. And foobar could wait for it to appear; that would be so convenient.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Subgroups under the header of groups like in the old SimPlaylist would be much appreciated. :)


Time taken for audio conversion

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I wanted to make a suggestion for foobar2000. Would it be possible to provide, once an audio conversion is done, the time needed to complete the task (and maybe the number of tracks too)? The information would be useful to me and hopefully to other people too.

Thanks in advance!

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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How about a built-in album art panel that can cycle through multiple images, rather than displaying a single, static image?  The old "Album Art Panel" (foo_uie_albumart) handles this beautifully in 32-bit and, though it hasn't been updated since 2007, it has a great feature set:

• Configurable sources list allows cycling of multiple images for a single track
• Allows title-formatting and wildcards to specify image file location
• Minimum height setting to assist with layouts
• Configurable resizing of album art to fit panel size
• Fading transitions between album art
• Configurable actions when panel is left-clicked, double-clicked, and middle-clicked.
• Can display album art for either the currently playing track or the currently selected track
• Can automatically cycle through source list during playback

I'd love to see this integrated into foobar2000  8)


Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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+1 for an album art panel 2.0...

with a fill option... etc...

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Use cursor keys to seek in song (macOS)

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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In former versions I could remove a playlist. I even made a shortcut for that (ctrl-X).
Now that shortcut doesn't work anymore and there is no Menu-item to remove playlists.
A bug in this version (v 20. [x6])?
Please restore the playlist remove option.

Feature request : Prompt before quitting

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If Foobar is terminated (for instance using the close button of the window, or a hot key), I suggest that a confirmation dialogue pops up, asking "Do you really want to quit?". This helps against accidental shutdown with a hotkey during playing.

Since perhaps not everyone will like this feature, I further suggest that it can be controlled via the preferences, whether or not this dialogue should appear,.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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If playback is paused and the computer goes to sleep, after waking up, an error always occurs and playback jumps to the next track.
Please consider the possibility of detecting sleep and for example restarting playback after waking up from sleep, or handle such errors in a different way so that the song playback timestamp is not lost.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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ReFacets is missing right alignment for statistics columns values. And stats values shouldn't display zeros (0).
These two modifications alione will improve usability a lot.

Also, I'm heavily missing autoshading of text contained in brackets. It's a great help to differentiate similar yet different lines.

Attaching screenshots of Facets and ReFacets to highlight the difference in most obvious way.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Whilst ReFacets is being mentioned, could we have a way to disable its sorting when it comes to ignoring "The" at the start of artist/album names?

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Made a work-around myself: Edit/Clear does the same...

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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MIDI identification: Toolbar | Audio track shows [unknown codec], 2ch.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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+1 for album art, but in particular I would like the option to view ONLY the album art zoomed to fill the screen top-to-bottom on a blank (black) screen, with no title bar, window controls, or border--this is how I like to listen to .flac of the older albums, because back in the vinyl days THAT'S ALL I HAD :-)  (example attached)

It frees the mind to just chill and absorb the music. Try it--it works :-)

When I don't use Foobar2000, I use my own home-made player, which is crude, because it's the only way I can get the old-school effect.

Ideally, for files such as my .flac collection, it could be set to show the front cover first, full-screen on black, and any distractions (such as left-right arrows to view the back cover, progress bar or lyrics, (or the famous type 17 Brightly coloured fish :-) ) would fade away within seconds. All other images should be available, maybe with a key press?

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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roops: A variant could be the implementation of a Full-Screen Mode for foobar2000 picture viewer.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Yes, that'd be intuitive for me, as well.  Especially if "picture viewer" remembered my preference. <Esc> already gets us back out of that, so that looks like a nice way to work.

Also being able to move between all images of any type in picture viewer would be nice--I'm thinking of my .flac files again, which may have several 'booklet' images for lyrics, as well as front, back etc. But the fullscreen-on-black image is the big thing, for me.

roops: A variant could be the implementation of a Full-Screen Mode for foobar2000 picture viewer.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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It would be great to be able to have columns "Composer" and "Performer". It would be very useful to be able to sort tracks, but now there is no such option.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Thank you!
Not quite obvious though.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Tweaking my foobar... I remembered that 'output swticher' is missing on the menu bar itself (file edit view playback etc...)

I know we can add it to the tool bar with 'output switcher'... but it would made sense to also have it under 'playback'... just like we have 'order', would make sense to have 'output' right above... I think.

Not a big deal... but, along the years of using foobar, often felt like it was missing there.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Shift key + menu "Playback" > Device
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