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Mzil's various uploads

Here's my various uploads thread.

Here's my [very first!] RMAA analysis of Arny's digital black after it has gone through SRC with dither:


Mzil's various uploads

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To the best of my knowledge there's no easy way to examine the full list of all units tested by Miller Reasearch other than to open each year individually and examine the entire contents per year. It is a very laborious process. Also it may not be intuitively obvious to all, at least it wasn't to me, that HDMI jitter data appears at the way, way bottom of the section you need to enter first titled: LPCM Performance. I missed it completely at first.
Here's a screenshot of the LPCM performance section you need to enter:


Miller, the editor of the largest audio magazine in the UK, Hi-Fi News [they are many decades old] provides lots of great raw data on many units. Check it out everyone! Registering is quick, painless, and free:
I DO NOT ENDORSE THE MAGAZINE ITSELF. They believe in wires, amps, DACs and all sorts of silly things, but for large amounts of raw data, this site is one of the most detailed out there.

Mzil's various uploads

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Paul Miller's frequency response measurements [Hi-fi News], L ch. (R looks the similar) on the Pioneer network player N-50 at 48kHz.

Re: Mzil's various uploads

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This visual shows the dynamic nature of the quiet song Blagutten by the Hoff Ensemble in its first minute, however since it is a recording of the song sample, made by me, and not a direct download, absolute levels are not meant to be judged. The image is only meant to evaluate the relative levels of the peaks to the average music level and to see areas of the song where the music fades down to the vicinity of the noisefloor, where hiss may be more easily apparent. It is a quiet yet dynamic song with strong peaks well above the typical level.

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