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Foo EQ Plugin Suggestion


According to recent complaints about the default foo EQ (having only 17 bars...) I came up with a suggestion for improving it.
Why is it problematic? It is well know that this EQ is one of the best available, if not the only, but the problem is that each bar controls a specific range of frequencies, while some "audiophiles" would like it to be more specific. Take my friend for example, he had to lower the 110Hz which was problematic with his speaker and to do so he had to lower all frequencies in the 90-130Hz range. Or if you want to have a better control over you basses, the >55Hz bar just won't do...

The 1st and the simple idea, is to allow the user to enter a bar he likes, say the 90-130Hz, and be able to tune it more delicately by opening a window of 10 - 20 more bars in that range. This way I could tune the 110Hz area without lowering the rest.

The 2nd idea is more complicated and requires a full redesign of the EQ. The idea is more graphic. Instead of having a default number of bars the EQ will be a continuous line with minimum and maximum resolutions, which you can zoom in and zoom out wherever you're interested, and with the help of a frequency indicator in the bottom of the window you'll be able to know what range you are tuning (like in paint where it tells you at what pixel your are). Plus when you are zoomed in you could move the whole thing in 4 directions on the screen, though I think 2 (right left) is enough. This will allow the user to tune the speaker really delicately, and I guess it will be a great present to the *real* audiophiles.

An UNDO button may also be cool - in either case.

Anyway, I could could explain more of this idea, but 1st I need someone to be interested in it... not that there is much left to tell.

Hope something will turn helpful here